The Ultimate Guide Of Managing Both Detoxing and Slimming Activity At Once

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E-Detox Alkaline High Fibre Apple Enterotoxin

The Apple E-Detox Alkaline Apple High Fibre Enzyme, generally known as Enterotoxin is firstly manufactured by E Global. E-Detox is targeted for modern lifestyle people that regularly takes in high toxin or contaminated foods that ultimately led to apparent digestive issues.

E-Detox is the latest and the most advanced health orientated slimming product offered by E Global. It offers detoxification, antioxidant, and enhances the immune system and also removes epidermal spot and bad breath.

It is found that people in the modern era have many intestinal or digestive issues, leading to acute sickness and early death on such causes. Due to such phenomena, E Global launches a health campaign to improve everyday people’s lifestyle starting from digestive issues—“Healthy Intestine, Healthy Life” Program.

The objectives of this program are to enhance the nutrient intake of the intestine, reduce bloated stomach, bad breaths, and constipation, at the same time balances the population of gut microbiota. Therefore, E-Detox fixes and repairs the digestive system to assist it to recover to an optimum and healthy level.

Enjoy now a delicious and healthy Peach E-Detox Alkaline High Fibre Enzyme. The enzyme packs with antioxidative ability and gives you better skin complexions. Many women enjoy E-Detox because it saves large amounts of spending on artificial cosmetic and beauty products.

E5 Weight Management Gives You The Ideal Body Weight

Speaking of slimming, think of E5! E5 gives you the most perfect and healthy slimming solution. It gives you moist in your skin and raises your metabolic rate. Mixed with various multivitamin and body fat control ingredient, the mixture burns your unwanted fats away, giving you a brighter and better life!

Till now, more than 20 thousand Malaysian has experiences the positive effects of E5 Weight Management. What’s most important is, you don’t need to fast, just retain with your regular meal and your supplements, reduce down some carbohydrates and keep yourself hydrated at all time, the result is instant! Gradually, with such new lifestyle, you’ll retain your ideal body weight.

Due to the fact that most of us work from nine to five, we are exhausted at the end of the day, E5 help us to clear those access body fat that we are too tired to get rid of. Generally, E5 Weight Management will not cause any heaty problems to our body, still, we suggest everyone takes a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day.

Typically, the result will be apparent to you within 2 weeks, you’ll observe a shift in your body weight and figure. And in 3-6 months or less, you will be in your most ideal self.

Mix a sachet of E5 with a glass of drinking water (250 ml). Stir well and it is ready to drink. Each box comes in 15 sachets. A sachet a day, you can drink in the morning before or after meal . You’ll enjoy fairer and greater skin complexion and brighter day.

EDETOX 碱性高纤苹果排肠毒

E-Detox 碱性高纤植物酵素青苹果,或又称为排肠毒,是亿国际独家首创,主要是针对现代人不抗体内毒素的‘折磨’,继续排毒,甚至严重便秘问题。E-Detox是亿国际旗下目前以最新科技研发的健康碱性瘦身产品,能有效的排毒,抗老化,淡化顽固色斑,去除口臭,提升免疫系统功能等,因此引起最多消费者的热烈讨论。




享用美味又健康的Peach E-Detox碱性高纤酵素水蜜桃排肠毒,为您带来抗老化及改善肤色的功效。许多女性消费者在享受E-Detox的时候,瘦身减肥美白一次搞掂,爱美没烦恼。首先,每天将一包E-Detox加入一杯温水(大概250毫升)搅拌均匀,即可食用,日复一日的食用之后,便可体验细嫩肌肤透现迷人光彩,焕发年轻青春的魅力。


E5瘦身管理 给您理想的体重!