Success Story Of Life Changing Experience With Yunice

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I have a story to share,

Let us take a look at the journey of Yunice took for her to change.

Hi, I’m Yunice. As you can see from my photos of my earlier times, I’m quite large in size. I believe many of the girls out there have a similar issue I had. For the past 10 years, I’ve tried various ways and measure to cut down my body weight. This includes taking diet products, meal replacement product, diet tea, diet pills and even look for doctors to consult for my weight problem. They all work at the beginning of the stage, however, stop taking these measures made me return to the original size that I was. Some even made me worst.

Girls care about how people look at them, I am no exception. This is particularly true and impactful to me personally as I try to fit in beautiful dresses that only look good in slim and curved body figures. It hurts me a lot when people I care focuses more on my size in these beautiful dresses.

I found a silver lining one day when I stumble upon Fion’s Facebook post. I’ve befriended with her for over 5 years but I haven’t the initiative to try on the solution she is talking about. I was very skeptical. Finally, I took the courage to give it a last try.

I got the entire package of the program back home. I was a quiet low profile about this as the result could be like any other products that I’ve tried previously. And, today, as proud as I could be, I need to shout out to E5+E Detox for the positive result that I’ve hope for. Within a month, I’ve cut from 150kg to 112kg, even though it is just 38 kg, it is an achievement that none of the previous products can achieve before. The solution requires no fasting, meals are taken as usual in a healthy way. Just be hydrated as usual, E5 is taken morning and E Detox during the night. As simple as that, I persist on for several months and I made the impossible possible. I’m officially thin.

Hence after I join in with Fion and be one of the dealers to help more women access to the products and gain the confidence they deserve.

To slim down and be pretty takes lots of commitment and actions. If I can make it, so do everybody. As long as you have determination, you can be who I am now.

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