A Humble Beginning Of My Optimism Story - Fion Ooi

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Optimism in life is key when we are all constantly battled by challenging days. After recovering from a couple of financial challenges with the company, Fion Ooi, Managing Director of E Global Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. believe that the attitude of positivity is an essential element of perseverance during bad times in life. This, she thinks in a long run also plays a vital role in the success of a person’s life.


“Back in the days, I wasn’t a high academic achiever at all. Hence, immediately after high school graduation, I knew I need to get myself equipped with some skill sets to make a living. That notion has led me to attend cosmetic studies.

Soon when I first started working in beauty and skincare saloons, besides than the required technical skills in the field, I’m spotted by my employers to have great communication and interpersonal skills too. Soon enough I was asked to serve in the sales team, putting my talents to good use.” Recalls Fion Ooi how she begins her lifelong journey into the industry.

Head on With Any Challenges

Not long after that, I received a new job offer as a beauty consultant in a prestigious local beauty and cosmetic company. Within a year of employment, I was awarded one of the National Top Beauty Consultant in the industry. As time flies, three years into the position, I left the company, I started to distribute beauty and cosmetic products myself.


In the year 2014, my life took a big turn as I met with Dato’ Sri Dr. Eric Ng. After some talks about my humble experience in the industry, he offered me the opportunity to join E Global Biotechnology in sales, marketing and branding work.

“I have always been very positive-minded when managing a business. I do my best to resolve all possible challenges and negative vibes around the business to let the working atmosphere be more motivating and energized for all staffs. On the same hand, profit-making in any business is also equally as important as the virtue of it. I believe a good business shouldn’t run on immoral grounds.” Tells Fion Ooi by referring to how E Global stands above the international market in providing quality healthcare products. Similarly, she reminds that good services to customers or clients in return also return as good feedbacks and support.

Understand the Needs of Each Client

In recent years, Fion Ooi noticed many single mother and housewives gradually participating as distributary agents for our product. To assist them, we introduced training and education courses that allow them to propel in the sales of our products.


Whenever distributary agents are inconvenient to physically be in the office for training, we will connect with them with various methods to tutor and guide them through our syllabus. Sometimes, we do step-by-step screenshots of how to use and apply our products if video calls are not available.


Likewise, Fion Ooi always advice and share essential health knowledge with all her agents. “Building connection and treat each client a friend is important so to understand their personal needs.” Says Fion Ooi.

Awareness About the Importance of Personal Healthcare to All

“Not only that the company needs sales driven agents, we are constantly on the lookout for people that are caring and empathizes for the public’s health condition and awareness. As most of the consumer of our products we received here are returning customers, it is our first priority that they experienced the most premium after-sales services. As for our product line, because we are aware that the Malaysia market is highly inclined towards natural ingredients in healthcare products, our products are specifically tailored to all these preferences. From the selecting of ingredients to the manufacturing process, we take meticulous approaches and insert 100% efforts to ensure they are all natural and healthy for the human body. That of which has received many positive responses and support from our customers and agents.”

Fion Ooi nonetheless also contributes much of her time to managing charitable causes in the business. For example, she takes the advantages of a beautifully designed tumbler that printed with the E Global brand to drive for charity funds that constantly go to charity organizations like old folk homes and to the orphanage. Each and every time Fion Ooi speaks of the charitable effort that she puts into the products, she is particularly proud and happy.


纵使面对再艰难的时刻,只要保持着正面及乐观的人生态度,未来肯定看见属于自己的蓝天白云。曾经历人生各种低潮与挫折,甚至濒临财务危机的E Global Biotechnology Sdn.Bhd. 亿国际生物科技有限公司(简称亿国际)执行总裁Fion Ooi(黄莉萍)而言,集合乐观与知性,凭借努力不懈的拼搏精神,尽管在人生道路上磕磕撞撞,也阻止不了她打破困境,寻觅出口的决心。


我学历其实并不高,于是在中学毕业以后,为了谋求一技之长,借此提升自己,就果断的报读了美课程。在应征工作的时候,由于老板观察我的才能,并不仅仅展现于美容的手艺上,反而口才伶俐才是我真正的本领,于是就把我安置在销售前台大展口舌之利’。 Fion Ooi 回忆起当年走过的风雨路,他的心中感慨万千。





对于管理企业的理念方面,我一直秉持着乐观以对的心态,尽可能排除任何负能量,因为保持乐观的心态,才能鼓励更多的人往更美好的方面前进。与此同时,赚钱固然重要,然而我更在乎的是,取之有道,绝不能为了利益而埋没了良心。’ Fion Ooi 也指出这是为何亿国际在市场营运及产品品质方面。总是保持优秀的表现,客户们也给予很高的的评价与赞赏。







我们要的并不是一个只注重业绩的销售员,而是一个懂得关心客户健康的代理。我们的客户多数都是回头客,那是因为我们的专业代理所给与客户的售后服务,十分周到跟完善。国人对健康保健这方面的相关知识,其实是非常高的,只炼选天然有机,不含化学元素,有害人体等美容保健产品,因此就凭着这一点,亿国际旗下产品完全符合了现在人的所有需求,美得自然,活得精彩。因此我们在品质管理及研发生产方面,遵照严格并专业得研制标准,下足100%的功夫,务求做到最好。’作风务实的Fion Ooi,贴切的形容现代人的需求。


除了在事业上取得傲人的成就,Fion Ooi也不忘为社会弱势群体有所奉献,例如EEFF旗下专售的一款水瓶,款式相当精美,瓶身上还刻印着亿国际各项产品的名称。她表示所售出的水瓶,全数捐献于慈善机构。‘每隔一段时间,我也会带着公司职员或者身边好友,亲自到老人院或孤儿院为他们服务。’尽于棉力以奉献社会的Fion Ooi。此刻脸上洋溢着满足的笑容。